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The Wagner Tray starts like this…
and is transformed into a custom tray.
Made chairside in just a few minutes…
You'll save time and money without cutting a corner.

The Wagner Tray

Create a custom tray quality impression in just one short appointment.

Using a lab-fabricated custom tray is the gold standard when making a high-quality impression, but creating the tray itself imposes a large cost.

Instant Gold

The Wagner Tray provides the same features of a lab-fabricated custom tray but is ready in just a few minutes.

The Material Is Key

Wagner Trays are formed from an exclusive thermoplastic shape-retaining material called Wagner Compound.

Soften the tray

Wagner Compound softens when heated, ready to capture the contours of the patient's soft and hard tissues.

Place in the mouth

The softened Wagner Tray is customized in your patient's mouth.

For a smaller mouth…

Trim a little or a lot — the shape of the tray can be fundamentally changed to fit your patient's anatomy.

For a larger mouth…

Build up the tray by adding extra material. Each tray comes with a token of extra Wagner Compound.

Just a little short?

Extend the borders by stretching the edges of a softened tray.

Cement your changes

Submerge the tray in cold water to commit your changes. Cooled material regains rigidity and retains a memory of your customization.

Make your final impression

It's been just a few minutes since you started, and you now have a tray customized for your patient. It's that easy.

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